The Scenic Oslo Harbor Promenade

Promenade along the waterfront

This promenade stretches almost 10 kilometers from the west to the east of the Oslo waterfront. A fairly new route, covering an area that not many years ago was largely inaccessible or unattractive to the public due to shipyards, containers and heavy traffic. Today it’s an urban adventure, with plenty of world-class architecture, parks, beaches, art works and residential areas. The route ties together different parts of the city, and the best thing is that these areas are all accessible to the public.

The harbor promenade can be walked, biked, or sailed. And you can of course pick and choose the parts that interest you the most. It is well marked with orange color found on the docks, benches, signs and so on.

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A map of the route

A map of the route


Follow the orange containers

You also find orange info points, shaped like containers to symbolize the fact that up until recently many of the areas you walk by used to be container harbors.. In total there are 14 of these info points. On them you can find a map of the route, and pictures and text about the past, the present and the future. Making the promenade into a great self guided walk.

If you are curious, make sure to check out my latest YouTube-video that covers the whole walk from the west to the east, both by land and sea. See video below.

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