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Walking in Oslo

I don’t know about you, but I’ve done a lot of walking during the pandemic. Living in Oslo I really enjoy walking down by the Oslo fjord. Actually, one of my favorite fjord walks are out on the peninsula of Bygdøy, just 45 min walk west of the city center.

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The peninsula of Bygdøy

Bygdøy derives from the words Bygd (built) Øy(Island). You can find several parks, a forest, beaches, marinas, residential areas and also several museums. Actually it has been nicknamed “The Museum Island”. The museums to be found are some of the most popular in Oslo, such as the Viking Ship museum, Kon-Tiki museum, Maritime museum and the Fram Polar Expeditions museum.

Many that visit Bygdøy tend to head straight to the museums and then back again the same way to the city center. My advice for visitors to Bygdøy is to go for a stroll. You can take bus 30(Bygdøy) to the Karenslyst bus stop and start walking from there. It’s not a big island, so it is hard to get lost, and there are always plenty of locals around that can help you with directions.

Youtube – Oslo’s Best Fjord Walk

So the other day I went out there for a stroll with my camera, and made a little episode describing what I consider the BEST fjord walk in Oslo (next to the Harbor Promenade that is). Check out the video, and go for a stroll at Bygdøy next time you come to Oslo, you won’t regret it.

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