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double decker coastal bus in Norway

Seamless Travel: Bus Between Bergen, Haugesund, and Stavanger in Norway

Are you looking for a comfortable way to travel between Bergen and Stavanger, with a possible stopover in Haugesund or some other place along the way? Then I would recommend checking out the Bergen-Haugesund-Stavanger bus…

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fretheim hotel in flam

Exploring Flåm Fjord Area: Hotels for Your Stay in Norway

Venture into Flåm’s natural wonders, and you’ll be rewarded with awe-inspiring sights that take your breath away. Whether you embark on a scenic train ride through the mountains or embark on a serene fjord cruise,…

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People running and jumping in the water

What to Wear in Norway: A Travelers Guide

Are you traveling to Norway and wondering what to wear during your stay? In Norway we got strong seasons, and quite shifting weather throughout the year. However, as a born and bred Norwegian I’ll give…

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Planning your trip to Norway

Norway is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes, rich culture, and a range of outdoor activities to enjoy. However, planning a vacation to Norway can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the country’s…

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Pal in a fjord on a sunny day

My Favorite Fjords to Visit in Norway

Norway is the land of fjords, and did you know there’s over 1700 of them which have been named? In other words, there are many to choose from and it can make it hard for…

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The majestic Sognefjord with large mountains and a rainbow over the water

Saving Money on Norway in a Nutshell DIY

Norway in a Nutshell (NIN) is an iconic trip that takes you between Oslo and Bergen with train, ferry and bus. This is often the journey of choice for many first-time travelers to Norway, with…

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How to travel around in Norway

If you’re about to travel to Norway you’re probably well aware of how to get here, but what about transportation and travel inside Norway? How to move between regions or from one city to another?…

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Oslo’s BEST Fjord walk?

Walking in Oslo I don’t know about you, but I’ve done a lot of walking during the pandemic. Living in Oslo I really enjoy walking down by the Oslo fjord. Actually, one of my favorite…

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