Oslobukta – They Bay of Oslo

A photo guide to Oslobukta

Oslobukta or The Bay of Oslo is a brand new neighborhood in Oslo. Located just next to/behind the New Munch Museum. It’s still under development, but a large portion is now standing ready for the public to visit.

I went down there with my camera the other day and snapped a few photos. See them all below.

What I like about this neighborhood:

  • Feels open and spacious

  • Aligned with the Barcode and the street going up towards Stortinget (The Parliament)

    • This creates long open wide avenues/corridors towards other parts of the city

  • The use of slate. A Norwegian material that gets a “frosty” look in winter, shines and reflects the sun and turns darker when it rains. An interesting choice!

  • Many art galleries.

  • Great hangout place by the fjord

On the downside..? Well over all I really like this area, but I am unsure about the positioning off the new Munch Museum. It feels like it is turning its back on you. But I think before any final conclusion is made I will have to see the whole bay fully developed.

Check out the photos and see for yourself. What do you think about this area? Feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!

Want to read/see more? Check out the YouTube-episode I made, or head to these websites:

Website: Oslobukta Instagram: Oslobukta

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