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Norwegian Culture

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A mother and daughter shopping for traditional souvenirs in Norway.

Is Norway Expensive? Here’s How to Visit Norway on any Budget

Norway is known for vafler (heart-shaped waffles) and Vikings, but it’s also a popular destination thanks to the country’s striking natural beauty, rich culture and one-of-a-kind experiences. In a week in Norway, you can experience…

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Norwegian packed lunch

How to Make a Norwegian Matpakke (packed lunch)

A Norwegian matpakke is a traditional packed lunch commonly enjoyed by people of all ages in Norway. It is a simple and convenient way to bring a meal from home to school, work, or outdoor…

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National day in Norway parade

Why Norway Celebrates the 17th of May

Take a bunch of Norwegian flags, traditional costumes (bunad), marching bands, the Royal Family, children parades and mix it with hot dogs, ice cream waffles, champagne breakfast, BBQ in a park and you’ll have the…

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a variety of waffles

Norwegian Waffles: A Delicious and Timeless Treat

Norwegian waffles, known as “vafler” in Norwegian, is a beloved traditional food in Norway. They are typically thinner and crisper than Belgian or American-style waffles, and are mostly served as a sweet snack when having…

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Me in front of the DFDS Ferry

Taking the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo (Mini Cruise)

I love visiting Copenhagen, and I hate to leave this great city, but knowing I’m heading up to Oslo on an enjoyable mini-cruise makes it a whole lot easier to head back home. This time…

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Tram in Oslo

How to Use Public Transportation in Oslo (a guide)

Are you visiting Oslo? Most likely you’re wondering how to get around to explore the many sights and attractions that Oslo has to offer. There are many ways to get around, Oslo is very walkable,…

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Holding up a plate of wheat buns

How to Make Fastelavnsboller Norwegian Sweet Buns

Fastelavn, this sort of strange day which is said to have been a heathen spring celebration (in February?), but later became a Christian celebration marking the beginning of the fast. Norwegians in general have only a…

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Me on a fjord cruise in Oslo

Enjoy a 2 hour Fjord Cruise in Oslo

When in Oslo, do like the locals and go out on the Oslo fjord. I think one of my top recommendations for Oslo, no matter what time of the year, would be to go on…

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Angel Chime candle holder

How Norwegians Celebrate Advent

Advent is a Christian religious festival which marks the coming of Christ. In Norway there are many traditions connected to Advent, and Norwegians have different ways to celebrate and cherish this time of the year.…

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Pål serving lutefisk

In Norway Lutefisk is Christmas Food

Christmas brings many joys, and one of them is the classic Norwegian Lutefisk dish. In Norway we tend to eat this dish in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Either by making it ourselves and…

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