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Fjord cruise in Nærøyfjord

Your Guide to Norway’s Fjord Cruises: Embark on a Majestic Fjord Adventure

Norway is famous for its rich culture, enticing food, sprawling natural beauty and renowned fjords (two of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Fjords are found in regions with a history of glacial activity—they were…

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Oslo, Norway

Your Guide to Oslo, Norway: Experience Oslo’s Vibrant Culture and Inspiring Hidden Gems

In 2021, Norway welcomed 1.44 million tourists from all over the world. The country’s capital city, Oslo, is always a popular destination! Top sights, like The Fram Museum, The National Museum and the Oslo Opera…

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Aerial view of Bergen, Norway

An Insider’s Guide to Bergen, Norway: Uncover Local Charms and Hidden Gems

Known for its small-town charm, vibrant architecture and rich heritage, Bergen, Norway is a popular destination for tourists and adventure seekers. Located on the country’s western coast, the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site is known as…

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View of RV and fjords in Norway

Norway Travel Guide: How Many Days Should You Spend in Norway?

Steep, stunning mountains… deep, majestic fjords… a rich, colorful culture… and, of course, unbeatable eats! Norway is the savvy traveler’s pristine playground. With so much to see and do in the land of the midnight…

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Trains in norway

A Guide to Norway’s Must-Do Train Rides

Norway is a country with some of the most scenic train rides in the world, and it can be hard to choose just which one is the “best” for you. Here are four of the…

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Viking ship

Discovering Oslo’s Top Attractions: What is Oslo Famous For?

Oslo the capital of Norway, with its 700.000+ residents, sits in between the fjord and the forest. Despite its small and compact size, this is a city that got a lot to offer, and here…

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Me in front of the DFDS Ferry

Taking the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo (Mini Cruise)

I love visiting Copenhagen, and I hate to leave this great city, but knowing I’m heading up to Oslo on an enjoyable mini-cruise makes it a whole lot easier to head back home. This time…

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Me on a fjord cruise in Oslo

Enjoy a 2 hour Fjord Cruise in Oslo

When in Oslo, do like the locals and go out on the Oslo fjord. I think one of my top recommendations for Oslo, no matter what time of the year, would be to go on…

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Oslo Tour Guide with Diploma

Insider Tips: How To Find The Perfect Local Tour Guide in Oslo

Looking for a local tour guide in Oslo? Whether you’re a first-time visitor or have been to Oslo before, it’s always nice to have someone show you around who knows the city inside out. But…

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Pal standing outside the The Midgard Viking Centre in Borre

The Midgard Viking Centre in Borre

Want to sit on the throne in a Viking mead hall? And wander around among Viking burial mounds where the old Kings and Queens where put to rest? Then you should head to the Midgard…

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