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Norwegian Traditions

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How Norwegians Celebrate Advent

Advent is a Christian religious festival which marks the coming of Christ. In Norway there are many traditions connected to Advent, and Norwegians have different ways to celebrate and cherish this time of the year.…

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Nisse – A Norwegian Santa

If you spend time in Norway during Christmas you’ll be sure to see tons of nisser (nisse dolls) around. The Nisse is part of the old Nordic folklore, and is a supernatural being. But what…

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Julenek – Christmas Sheaf A Norwegian Tradition

During Jul (Christmas) in Norway, you’ll see oat sheaves being put up in front of peoples’ homes and barns. In Norwegian we call them for Kornband (grain band) or Julenek (Christmas sheaf), and they are…

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The Marius Sweater – A Norwegian Icon

Of all the Norwegian sweaters out there, the Marius sweater might be the most popular of them all. More than 5 million sweaters (one for each Norwegian?) have been sold, and it’s a favorite knitting…

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Kubb – A popular yard game in Norway

I never miss out on the opportunity to play some Kubb 😀 Fancy a round of Kubb? Ask a Norwegian and before you know it you’ll be out playing. The word Kubb means “wood log”…

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Camp fire at the fjord lake - Midsummer

Sankthanks – A Norwegian Midsummer Celebration

You have probably heard about it, the famous Swedish Midsummer celebration taking place every year on the first Friday after the summer solstice. Smörgåsbord, Swedes dressed up in white dresses and dancing around the Maistang…

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We celebrated Swedish Midsummer in Oslo

With some guidance from a Swedish friend we had a great Midsummer celebration with a mix of Norwegian and Swedish traditions. So what are the main differences between a Swedish Midsummer celebration and a Norwegian…

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17th of May Celebration in Norway – COVID Special

      Norway’s National Day The seventeenth of May or “Syttende Mai” as we say in Norway is our National Day. It’s a day of children parades, marching bands, waving to the King and…

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