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Norwegian History

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Oslo, Norway

Your Guide to Oslo, Norway: Experience Oslo’s Vibrant Culture and Inspiring Hidden Gems

In 2021, Norway welcomed 1.44 million tourists from all over the world. The country’s capital city, Oslo, is always a popular destination! Top sights, like The Fram Museum, The National Museum and the Oslo Opera…

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National day in Norway parade

Why Norway Celebrates the 17th of May

Take a bunch of Norwegian flags, traditional costumes (bunad), marching bands, the Royal Family, children parades and mix it with hot dogs, ice cream waffles, champagne breakfast, BBQ in a park and you’ll have the…

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Sognefjorden a Norwegian Fjord

What is a Fjord and how were they formed?

Many who travel to Norway wants to see the majestic fjords, and as a tour guide I often get the two questions what is a fjord and how were they formed? In this article I’ll…

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Who was Fridtjof Nansen?

When you travel in Norway you’ll most likely come across the name Fridtjof Nansen, one of the most internationally known Norwegians that ever lived. But who was this man, and why did he become such…

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Why Norway dominated the Winter Olympics in Beijing

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing ended a few days ago, and for Norway this has been their best Winter Olympics ever. With 37 medals in total, 10 more than number 2 on the list…

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10 Stunning Stave Churches in Norway

What is a Stave Church? Most of the churches that were built in the medieval ages in Norway were stave churches. There are several different types, but common to all of them is that they…

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Tour with Pål

A review of Atlantic Crossing WW2 Series

This is a series about Norway during the war, especially evolving around the Royal family and Crown Princess Märtha and her stay in Washington DC from 1940 to 1945. During these years she became close…

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Why is Norway one of the richest countries in the world?

This year we’re having an anniversary in Norway. 2021 marks 50 years since we started full scale extraction of olje (oil) from the sea bed of the North Sea. That was in 1971, and the…

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The Norwegian Queen of Friluftsliv

To someone who is not familiar with Norwegian culture and the Royal family here, it might come across as a bit odd finding a statue of the current Queen dressed in hiking clothes, sitting on…

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A modern day Viking raid to the Holy Island

Northumberland, England. Year 793, a group of Vikings landed on the Island of Lindisfarne (aka. The Holy Island). They raided the Lindisfarne Monastery and killed the monks living there. It’s uncertain where these Vikings sailed…

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