How to make Pancakes Norwegian Style

Pannekaker, or Norwegian Pancakes are similar to the French crepe. They are thin and sweet, and often filled with some kind of jam, sugar or Nugatti. Don’t know what Nugatti is? Keep on reading to find out!

In this article you’ll get the recipe, and learn how to make them and how to eat them. Also check out my YouTube-episode How To Make Norwegian Pancakes?



Recipe for Norwegian Pancakes (pannekaker)

300 grams or 1¼ cups All purpose flour

6 dl or 2 ½ cups of Milk (any type)

6 eggs

4 teaspons Sugar

A pinch of salt

6 drops Vanilla extract

Some butter or margarin for frying

Batter for pancakes

  • Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix it together

  • Add more milk if the batter feels thick. It’s supposed to be quite thin.

  • Mix until the batter is smooth and without any lumps

  • Let the batter rest for about 20 minutes

Frying the Pancakes

You’ll need a pan and a also a spatula to flip the pancakes around. It’s important that the pan is quite hot when you start frying. Norwegians usually make them quite thin, so with a hot pan it does not take many minutes before they are done. Some like them a little bit burned, and some don’t.

A fun thing to do is to throw the pancakes up in the air. So instead of using the spatula you throw it up and it lands on the flip side. This takes some practice, and you can be sure a few of them will end up on the floor. But it’s an impressive sight to watch someone who’s good at this.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to frying them

  1. Find a pan and heat it to medium/high heat

  2. Add a bit of butter/margarine to the pan. Some like to do this for every pancake, but it’s usually not necessary.

  3. Add some batter. Enough so that when you tilt the pan from side to side it’ll cover the whole pan. It should be spread thin.

  4. Let it fry until you think its done, and then flip it around with the spatula or by throwing it into the air

  5. When it’s properly fried put it on a plate and start building a nice stack of pancakes – pannekaker!

How to eat the Pancakes?

In Norway we tend to roll up the pancakes, instead of folding them. There are various things you can have as a filling, but the most typical ones are:

  • Strawberry jam

  • Blueberry jam

  • Sugar

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Nowadays kids in Norway (I learned this from my niece who is 9 years old) tend to put Nugatti on the pancakes. Nugatti is a brand we have here, and is a chocolate spread which is made from nougat and hazelnuts. It’s very similar to Nutella, and I have to admit that it works quite well.

What about tyttebærsyltetøy (lingonberry jam)? In Sweden they sometimes use lingonberry jam on the pancakes, but in Norway it’s not so common. To be honest though, there are no rules here, so you put on whatever you’d like 🙂

Pancakes is often served for dinner, but usually with a soup coming first. My mother always made tomato soup or spinach soup with a boiled egg in it. It goes without saying that we had to finish the soup before we could have the pancakes

I hope you enjoyed this article! Please share with any foodie friends and family you might have. And remember to check out the YouTube-pancake-video.

Lykke til med pannekakene! Good luck with the pancakes!


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  1. My father used to make these for us when we were kids. We rolled ours up with strawberry jam with a bit of powdered sugar on top. So yummy! Tusen takk, Pal and Kornels.

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