How To Make Norwegian Waffles

What’s my favorite snack? Norwegian Waffles/Vafler of course!

What is a waffle from Norway?

I remember as a kid visiting my grandmother, and the wonderful scent of waffles as I walked in the door. In Norway waffles is not breakfast, lunch or dinner. A waffle is little snack you enjoy with a cup of coffee, or simply as a treat to spoil someone, like my grandmother did with me.

On her table would be a tall stack of hot freshly made waffles, a glass of cold milk and all the various toppings: butter, sugar, brown cheese (goat cheese), sour cream and my grandmothers home made strawberry jam. It was an unbeatable combination which I still enjoy today, all though the glass of milk is replaced with a hot cup of coffee.

Vaffel med brunos, waffles with brown cheese. A classic!
Vaffel med brunost, waffles with brown cheese. A classic!


An important thing when eating Norwegian waffles is to eat them with your hands. No knife and fork! So go easy on the toppings, as you don’t want it to become too messy. Also it’s nice to look like an experienced waffle eater.

Norwegian waffles are shaped like hearts, so you need a heart shaped waffle iron to make them. The Belgian waffle iron does not work (sorry Belgians), also it is too deep. Belgian waffles have yeast in them, and therefor elevates more than a Norwegian one. If you search online for “heart shaped waffle iron” you’ll find a good selection. Also see the Norwegian waffle equipment below.

Equipment to make waffles

Mixing bowl
Scale (for precision waffle making)
A waffle iron (Heart waffle maker, NOT the Belgian one)

Check out these waffle irons


A waffle recipe

There are hundreds, if not thousands of waffle recipes out there, but the one I prefer is the one from my favorite Waffle house in Oslo: Haralds Vaffel. Plenty of butter, spices and the nice (but not common) addition of orange pop, makes these waffles as good as waffles can be.


  • 2 Eggs
  • Sugar 125 gram / 4,4 ounces
  • Butter 225 g / 8 oz
  • Salt 1/2 Tbsp (table spoon)
  • Cinnamon 1/2 Tbsp
  • Cardamom 1/2 Tbsp
  • Baking Powder 1/4 Tbsp
  • Orange Pop 175 g / 6,1 oz (can be replaced with water)
  • Water 175 g / 6,1 oz
  • 1% Milk 525 g / 18,5 oz
  • Wheat Flour 500 g / 17,6 oz



  1. Crack the eggs into the mixing bowl

  2. Add all the dry ingredients (except flour)

  3. Pour in the melted butter while mixing

  4. Mix in the rest of the liquid ingredients

  5. Gradually pour in flour while mixing (to avoid lumps)

  6. Let the batter rest for about 15 minutes

  7. Power up your waffle iron

  8. Pour the batter, press, wait, open, enjoy!

Good luck and tusen takk (thanks a lot) for reading! Waffle Greetings,

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