Making Norwegian Christmas Cookies

Karin – A Norwegian Grandma

The Christmas season is upon us, and that means Christmas cookies. In Norway there are officially seven kinds. Known as “De syv slag”. Traditionally the seven kinds would have to be baked sometime before Christmas Eve (24th of December).

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De syv slag (The seven kinds)

  • Krumkake

  • Sandkake

  • Sirupssnipp

  • Goro

  • Fattigmann

  • Berlinerkrans

  • Serrinakake


Grandmother Karin

Karin, who is the mother of my mothers partner is a real master chef when it comes to Norwegian traditional cuisine. She invited me into her home to make 3 out of the 7, and you can see the result in the video below. Also, if you want to try them out yourselves, find the recipes below.



750 g/25,6 oz Wheat flour

1/2 kilo/17,6 oz Butter

250 g/8,8 oz Powdered sugar

1 egg

4-5 Drops of almond essence


4 Eggs

200 g/7 oz Sugar

200 g/7 oz Melted butter

200 g/7 oz Wheat flour

For an iron check out the following krumkake irons:



6 Egg yolks

6 Spoons of sugar

6 Spoons of cream for whipping

1/2 Small spoon of cardamom

200 g/7 oz Wheat flour

2 Spoons cognac (or try other brown liquor)

God Jul! Merry Christmas. Find the YouTube-video here.
Karin & Pål

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  1. Hi, thanks for this! I’m going to make the sandkakers! I still need to make lefse, so thanks for the prod to do so!
    3 of my grandparents came from Norway, so this is very special to me.

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