A walk to see what’s going on in Oslo during COVID – Part 2

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I hope you are doing well. This week I have two videos for you (now with subtitles in both English & Norwegian)

  • Join me for a walk in Oslo

  • Tusen takk from Oslo


Spring in Oslo 

Spring has finally arrived to Norway, and a lot of Norwegians are starting to look forward to their summer vacation. However, a lot of summer plans have been cancelled or changed this year. I just read that the Government will possibly extend the border control until the 15th of August. Today, everyone that returns to Norway from abroad, are put into a 14 day stay at home quarantine. As a consequence of this most people decide not to go abroad. I think it is sure to say that this summer we’ll be traveling local.

My plan is to sail, hike in the nearby forest, spend time with family and friends, and also my girlfriend and I are looking into a trip to the mountains.

Luckily the Government is providing financial help for people with small businesses. Personally I will receive 80% of the business income I had in 2019. This will keep me afloat during the crisis, help me pay my rent and make sure I’ll have enough cash for brown cheese on my open faced sandwiches.

Take care, and I hope you enjoy the videos.

Ha det bra! (Be well)

Things to do in Oslo

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