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Pal laying on the bed at the Clarion Hotel in Oslo

One of my Favorite Hotels in Oslo – Clarion Hotel

Planning a trip to Oslo? The Clarion Hotel Oslo is a great place to stay when you’re in the Norwegian capital. Just a short walk from the city’s downtown area, the Clarion is a modern…

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Oslo Pass

Save Money with the Oslo Pass

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and for travelers it can end up being be a costly visit. If you are planning to see and experience many of the museums,…

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The Best Time to Visit Oslo – and When to Avoid it!

Oslo; it’s the land of hygge, beautiful fjords, and thriving nature. It’s a city of many faces. To some, the perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway; to others, it’s the ideal place to spend…

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The BEST Low Budget Hotel in Oslo

Are you planning to visit Oslo? Norway’s capital city is the perfect mix of urban sophistication and historic sites. Whether you’re traveling to Oslo for an extended weekend or longer, there are so many fabulous…

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Enjoy Sauna by the Oslo Fjord

The last years in Oslo, floating saunas have been popping up all along the waterfront. It’s become a very popular activity with both the locals and visitors. Combined with a swim in the fjord, its…

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The Occupation Frieze in the Oslo City Hall

The Occupation of Norway During world war 2, from 1940-45 Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany. In the City Hall of Oslo is an almost 30 meter long fresco, named Okkupasjonsfrisen (The Occupation Frieze). It…

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The Vigeland Museum in Oslo A Hidden Gem

If you traveled to Oslo you probably visited the Vigeland Park, one of the biggest attractions in the city. But did you know there’s also a Vigeland Museum? This is an excellent place for those…

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Visit the Oslo City Hall

As a local I’ve spent a lot of time visiting the Oslo City Hall. Being a municipal building, built for the public, I kind of see it as my big “living room” in the middle…

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The Atlantic Ocean Road

A Scenic Road Trip from Oslo to Bergen

Are you planning to drive between Oslo and Bergen? Luckily there are several good routes to take. Driving between Oslo and Bergen In this article I’ll describe a more Northern route on Road 55. This…

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10 Stunning Stave Churches in Norway

What is a Stave Church? Most of the churches that were built in the medieval ages in Norway were stave churches. There are several different types, but common to all of them is that they…

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