Seamless Travel: Bus Between Bergen, Haugesund, and Stavanger in Norway

double decker coastal bus in Norway

Seamless Travel: Bus Between Bergen, Haugesund, and Stavanger in Norway

double decker coastal bus in Norway

Are you looking for a comfortable way to travel between Bergen and Stavanger, with a possible stopover in Haugesund or some other place along the way? Then I would recommend checking out the Bergen-Haugesund-Stavanger bus line operated by the NOR-WAY Bussekspress company. 

NOR-WAY Bussekspress is one of the leading bus companies in Norway, and got ten routes covering most of southern Norway.

On their new Coastal buses (Kystbussen) you can explore the south-western region of Norway from a comfortable bus seat with a panoramic view. Read on and I’ll provide you with all you need to know to enjoy this scenic ride.

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NOR-WAY Bussekspress

Why travel Bergen – Stavanger with bus?

If you study the map of the coastline south of Bergen you’ll notice that there is no train through this part of Norway. The reason for this is simply because of the many islands and open stretches of water that you’ll have to traverse, so a train line was never built.

Flying can be an option between Bergen and Stavanger, but on the other hand you won’t see much of the landscape and it’s less climate friendly. Another option is to drive a car, but this will come with a much greater cost due to rental prices.

The smart way can therefor be to travel with the bus. It’s affordable, relatively fast, comfortable and you’ll get to enjoy a lot of the scenic landscape along the way.

Note: Once in Stavanger or Bergen there are train lines connecting the west with the east. You can continue from Stavanger to Kristiansand and all the way around to Oslo. Or from Bergen take the Bergen Line from Bergen to Oslo or hop on the Norway in a Nutshell itinerary.

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What is the bus like?

The buses on this line are double deckers with extra comfortable chairs, a good amount of leg room and panoramic views.

By paying a bit extra you can book a comfort seat which is even wider, got arm rests on both sides and wide adjustable neck support.

If you want more space you can also book the seat next to you for an extra fee, and you can then enjoy a double seat and more privacy.

With a seat on the top floor you can enjoy a view out through the glass roof, an experience that takes you even closer to nature. This is also where you find the comfort chairs.

Finally I also want to add that the bus has two “work stations”. These are equipped with their own coffee maker, fridge and extra space. There’s an additional power outlet, and plenty of table space for a laptop or two. Perfect if you want to get some work done or just want to have that little extra.

Just a heads up that there is no WI-FI on the bus, so remember to download your files in advance.

Panoramic bus view in Norway
A panoramic experience. Photo: Morten Wanvik

The bus journey

The NW400 Coastal Bus runs from 07:15 in the morning and until 16:55 in the late afternoon. (confirm times online).

There is roughly 1-2 departures per hour. You can choose between the “strake veien” direct route (4h25min) and the regular one that makes a stop in Haugesund and many other places along the way (5h ish).

Common for both of these is that they take the two ferries, Halhjem–Sandvikvåg and Arsvågen–Mortavika.

These two ferry rides are included in the price and journey time. Getting on the ferry gives an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs and have a meal. I see these ferry rides as small fjord cruises.

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Bokna Fjord Norway
Fjord Cruise along the way

Price and booking a ticket

From Bergen bus station to Stavanger bus station.

Book a ticket on the NOR-WAY website

Prices can vary a lot depending on demand and the season. For the entire trip from Bergen to Stavanger they can range from as cheap as 200 NOK (19 USD), and up to 900 NOK (85 USD)

If you are on a budget try to book well ahead of time to get a cheaper ticket. The following travelers can enjoy a discount:

  • Senior discount if you are 67 or older
  • Child discount for age 6-17
  • Children 0-5 years travel for free
  • Studen discount

Note! To get a seat on the bus it’s essential that you book ahead of time.
Travel with bus in Norway

To see all the stops along the way go into NOR-WAY’s journey planner and plot in Bergen busstasjon to Stavanger bussterminal. You’ll then get an overview of all the departures and you can see where the bus stops. You can of course also do this journey in reverse starting in Stavanger.

If you want to make stops along the way you’ll need multiple tickets for each leg.

NOR-WAY offers a whole list of extra products that you can choose in the booking process:

  • Book space for a bicycle
  • Free child seat for children 1-4 years or max 18 kilos
  • Double seat
  • Extra baggage (2 pieces of luggage are included)
  • Book a front row seat on the top floor
  • Special luggage (surf board, golf bag, or other larger pieces)

Read more about additional products here.

UNESCO Bryggen in Bergen
UNESCO Bryggen in Bergen

Connecting bus routes from Stavanger and Bergen

NOR-WAY operates several buses in southern Norway, and when you are ready to leave Stavanger or Bergen you can hop on one of their connecting routes.


  • Konkurrenten – Express bus from Stavanger via Kristiansand to Oslo.


Find all the routes here.

I hope this article inspired you to travel with bus in Norway. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message here.

I can also help you plan your journey in Norway.

Tusen takk, thanks a lot for reading!

Your friend in Norway,


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