Norway Travel Guide: How Many Days Should You Spend in Norway?

View of RV and fjords in Norway

Norway Travel Guide: How Many Days Should You Spend in Norway?

View of RV and fjords in Norway

Steep, stunning mountains… deep, majestic fjords… a rich, colorful culture… and, of course, unbeatable eats! Norway is the savvy traveler’s pristine playground. With so much to see and do in the land of the midnight sun, you might wonder, “How many days is enough for Norway?”

That’s an excellent question to consider early on in your trip planning! Having a Norway travel guide handy—like this one—means you’re off to a great start.

When putting together your Norway travel plan, list what you must do during your trip. For example, if hiking is your thing, start by researching top trails and campsites. Then, look into the best time to visit Norway to see and do everything on your list.

Norway offers diverse landscapes and experiences—from visiting the Arctic Circle to cruising coastal fjords and enjoying the sites of vibrant cities like Oslo and Bergen. You could easily spend 2+ months exploring Norway and seeing it all. But not everyone has that kind of time, so it’s important to make the most of your stay!


Woman enjoying the coastal view in Norway

Norway is home to some of the world’s most incredible landscapes!


For size comparison, Norway is slightly larger than the US State of New Mexico (and 30 times smaller than the US).



Depending on where you decide to stop and for how long, you could drive across Norway in about two weeks. And with a custom daily itinerary and insider tips, you’re sure not to miss any of Norway’s highlights!

Planning your travels to Norway takes thoughtful consideration so you get to experience the best sites, food and adventures.


In this article, I’m sharing:

  • what to consider when planning your trip to Norway
  • itinerary ideas for different trip lengths
  • insider tips to make the most of your Nordic experience


Coastal view in Norway

In the city and by the sea, let’s have fun in Norway!


What to consider when planning your trip to Norway

There’s a lot to cover when planning your trip to Norway—it can be overwhelming! One of the questions I hear often is, “How much time is enough to visit Norway?”

Well, that depends.


What are your interests and travel preferences?

To decide on a timeframe for your trip, choose a theme, like arts & culture, where you visit the top museums and historic sites for a week.

Or maybe you want to stick to outdoor activities, like hiking and camping near UNESCO-listed fjords over three days.

If city life is more your thing, there’s plenty you can do in a week in popular cities like Oslo and Bergen!

Your time in Norway also depends on whether you use public transportation or drive a car. It’s easy to get around Norway using only public transportation, but you’ll have to follow the bus or train schedule, which could affect the timeline of your trip. 

Whether visiting a friend in the city or meeting up with a hiking group in the woods, Entur offers an online travel planner to help you build a seamless journey using Norway’s public transportation.

If you want to experience Norway’s diverse landscape of hills, mountains, valleys, plains, and fjords, I recommend adding extra time to your schedule if you use public transportation. 

Renting a car gives you the most flexibility and allows you to explore locations off the beaten path, even remote ones.

Most locals travel by public transportation, which is affordable and reliable. If you plan to travel in Oslo by bus, tram, metro or tram, check out my tips in the video below!



What time of year do you plan to visit Norway?

During the summer, Norway experiences the ‘midnight sun,’ meaning there’s much more daylight than you might be used to back home. And locals consider that a good thing, as there are more daylight hours for outdoor activities! 

The Norwegian saying, “You shall not sleep away the summer night,” is fitting for how locals (and tourists) like to enjoy the long summer days and time outside.

In the winter, you can expect less sunlight, so plan accordingly.

Keep in mind the changing weather conditions during each season, which can affect the length of your trip. You might get a surprise snowfall during a week of warm spring weather! Giving your itinerary some wiggle room for weather delays is a good idea. (Oh, and don’t forget to pack the proper clothing and gear for the season!)


What’s your budget?

The longer you stay, the more you’ll spend—that goes for any destination. 

It’s good to have a budget before booking your trip to Norway. A budget helps you plan the length of your stay and the right accommodations, transportation and activities.

To help you plan your spending, check out my article, Is Norway Expensive? Here’s How to Visit Norway on Any Budget.


What are your must-see attractions and experiences?

For a memorable experience in Norway, prioritize the sites you want to see and your must-do activities. Once you’ve listed your top items, research their location, how you’ll get there and accommodations (while keeping your budget in mind). 

Then, decide how much time it will take to do it all at your own pace.


Infographic for Norway travel guide article


Norway itinerary ideas for your ideal trip length

Whether you experience Norway in three days, seven days, two weeks or more, use the ideas below to help you make the most of your journey! 

Get more ideas and travel from Oslo to Bergen with me in my Norway in a Nutshell® YouTube episode below:



Sample Norway itineraries:

3 – 5 days:

7 – 10 days:

2 weeks or more:

  • Visit major cities like Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger—and plan extra time to really dive into what each one has to offer
  • Experience the Arctic Circle’s iconic places, like the town of Tromsø—or Lofoten, an archipelago known for its rugged beauty, whale watching, dog sledding, the Northern Lights and more
  • Take a scenic fjord cruise
  • Drive along the beautiful coastline


Aerial view of Preikestolen Lysefjord

Don’t forget to pack a good camera for your trip to Norway! You can find my gear recommendations on my blog.


For more details about all you can see in Norway, see my:


Planning a trip takes time, especially when traveling to a new country. If you want to save time on research and planning so you can focus on enjoying your journey, I’d love to help you craft your custom daily Norway itinerary!

Make the most of your trip to Norway

As an experienced traveler and licensed tour guide, I know how fun and rewarding traveling to Norway is—and that’s why I want everyone who visits to enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

So, keep these tips in mind as you head to Norway…


Pål and Rick Steves in Oslo

Rick Steves and I enjoying a sunny day in Oslo.

Let’s go to Norway!

Now that you know how to organize a trip to Norway, all there is left to do is pack your bags and book your flight!

With these Norway trip ideas and your custom Norway travel guide, you’ll bring home lots of stories and a lifetime of memories!

Just remember to prioritize your must-see attractions and customize your itinerary around what you absolutely can’t miss. Also, keep a list of your interests, budget and travel goals for your ideal itinerary.

Every traveler has different wishes for their Nordic journey. Whether you want a fast-paced “see it all” trip or a slower, relaxing stay in one or two places, I can help you find your perfect balance.

Get a tailor-made day-by-day itinerary that includes a summary of your Norway tour, insider tips from a local and vetted recommendations based on your interests. 

Book me for tour planning, and make Norway your best destination yet!



“I chanced upon Pål’s YouTube video when I was planning for my Scandinavia trip and contacted Pål to plan our 1-month trip.

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We had a very enjoyable and memorable trip.

If you are planning a trip to Norway or Scandinavia, I highly recommend working with Pål. It will save you tremendous amount of time and effort.”

— Christina, Singapore


Your friend in Norway,


Pål of Norway With Pål

Pål of Norway With Pål

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