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Do you have a flight arriving to Oslo Airport Gardermoen? (OSL). You might wonder how to transfer from the airport to the city and back again. In Oslo this is pretty easy, but there are several options to choose between.

Some of them are pricey but fast, while others cost less, but takes more time. In this article I’ll show you the different ways you can transfer from the Oslo Airport to downtown Oslo and back again. I’ll also reveal a way to save money without loosing time, and what I consider the most convenient option.

The Oslo Airport Trains

In Oslo there are two different train companies connecting the airport to the city. One is the official Flytoget (airport train), and the other one is VY, which is a regional train. So which one should you take?

Airport Express Train Oslo

Photo: Øyvind Berg, CC BY-SA 4.0  via Wikimedia Commons


Flytoget (the Oslo Airport Express train)

Flytoget is a high-speed airport express train which connects the OSL airport to downtown Oslo in 19 minutes. Typically it has 5-6 departures per hour, and you can buy the ticket in their app, on their website, on a vending machine at the airport, or simply just scan your credit card when you enter. Price for a one way ticket is 240 NOK (24 USD), but children under 16 go for free.

The Flytoget is a fairly popular option, and is a comfortable and peaceful train with plenty of room for storing luggage. They are also quite reliable with “96% of departures arriving within 3 minutes of schedule and only 0.4% of departures canceled” (wikipedia). The reason for this is that the express train have priority over the other trains that run in the Oslo area.


  • Frequent departures
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Children under 16 travel for free


  • Prize


The VY Regional Train (Best Budget Option)

The train company VY operates several lines that makes a stop at Oslo Airport. These are the lines RE10, RE11 & R12. They all follow the same route and spend 23 minutes to the city center.

There are roughly three departures every hour, and a one-way ticket will cost an adult 114 NOK (11 USD). You can buy the ticket through their app, on their website, or on a vending machine at the airport. You can also buy the ticket on the train, but that will cost you 40  NOK (4 USD) extra.

The VY trains can be more crowded, especially during holidays, and there is no designated place for big pieces of luggage. There are overhead compartments however, that you can put carry-on sized luggage. For larger suitcases try sit by the aisle and keep it next to you, or stand next to the exit doors.


  • Prize
  • Fast


  • Can get crowded during holidays (but usually not a big issue)

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Airport bus Oslo



The Oslo Airport Bus

Flybussen, the Airport Bus operates five bus lines taking you to different stops in Oslo:

  • FB1 Majorstuen
  • FB2 Oslo sentrum via Oslo bus terminal
  • FB3A Bekkestua via Radiumhospitalet
  • FB3B Bekkestua via Huseby skole
  • FB5 Oslo sentrum via Bislett

It runs from 04:15 am in the morning until 01:00 after midnight, and the ride takes about 1 hour. The FB2 (and sometimes FB5) takes you downtown to the Oslo bus terminal.

A one-way ticket costs 209 NOK (20 USD). There is separate storage for luggage, and comfortable seats onboard. They are usually quite punctual, but can be vulnerable to any traffic jams or other car accidents out on the highway. Book tickets online.


  • Prize
  • Comfortable


  • There can be delays due to incidents on the highway



There’s a taxi stand right outside the airport arrival terminal. I’d advice you to look up the booking machine, which you find just where the taxis pick up the passengers. On the machine you can order a taxi and also see prices to most addresses in the eastern parts of Norway.

After ordering a taxi you can expect to wait around 4 minutes. A taxi ride to downtown Oslo will last for about 40 minutes, and is a comfortable door-to-door service.

OBS! Drivers and companies come and go, and unfortunately not all of them are 100% serious. Make sure to always agree on the price before you get into the taxi. Depending on the time of day you can expect to pay 750-1050 NOK (75-110 USD) for 1-4 passengers. Note that this price must be agreed on. If a price is not agreed on and the meter is put on it will become much more expensive.

It is not customary to leave much of a tip to taxi drivers in Norway. Only if the driver is very friendly and helpful consider a 5% tip (maximum 10%).

Find some info about taxis here.


  • Easy
  • Comfortable
  • Fairly fast


  • Swindling taxi businesses and drivers do occur
  • Prize

Private Airport Transfer


Private Airport Transfer (Most Convenient Option)

The most convenient way to get from the airport to downtown (and back again) is with a private transfer.

There are several companies offering this service, but personally I would recommend Welcome Pickups. Based on user reviews across various platforms such as Google, Tripadvisor and Trustpilot, this is probably one of the best, most trustworthy and convenient 5-star airport taxi companies for your airport transfer.

– Local English-speaking drivers
– Flat, pre-paid fee
– Flight monitoring for delays

– 24/7 Customer support

All their drivers are locals and English-speaking, and their vehicle is identified and checked. There are hand sanitizers and wipes available, and the driver always clean and ventilate the cabin before the next transfer. There is a bottle of water included, which can be nice after a long flight.
Before the transfer, you can be in direct contact with the driver through their mobile phone. The driver can track your flight, and make sure that they will be on time at the meeting point. They will meet and greet you with a personalized sign. All over this is a very welcoming, secure and stress free experience for travelers.


  • Secure
  • Very easy
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Door-to-door


  • Prize


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