What to expect when taking a tour with Norway with Pål?

You will see the beauty of Scandinavias vast landscape.

  • You will learn about local customs and daily life.

  • You will learn about local history, art and architecture.

  • It will be a memorable experience with lifetime memories to hold on to.

  • You will travel like a local. Meaning;

    • Taking local transportation

    • Eating like a local, sampling the local cusine.

  • You will have a lot of fun!

I personally believe traveling should be educational, fun and memorable. These are three values that I strive to bring onto my tours.



By learning about history, art, architecture and society you will be better equipped to understand your new surroundings and the people that live there. Who were the Vikings and why do they matter? Why was Norway in a union with Denmark for 400 years? How does the political system work? What does the King do? How do the average people live their lives? How is it to grow up in a socialdemocracy? Why do Norwegians still eat lutefisk? These are just some of the questions that can help you better understand Norway.


When you travel you are on holiday and holidays should of course be fun! Fun can be going on a thrilling train ride, sailing on the Oslo fjord, trying new types of food, people watching, learning a few words of a new language, meeting the locals and so much more.


Travel is an investment in good memories. Scenic fjords, beautiful landscapes, nice people encounters, good (and sometimes strange!) food, thrilling experiences, sunsets and all those good moments that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.