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Open faced sandwiches from Norway

How to Make a Norwegian Matpakke (packed lunch)

A Norwegian matpakke is a traditional packed lunch commonly enjoyed by people of all ages in Norway. It is a simple and convenient way to bring a meal from home to school, work, or outdoor activities. Matpakke translates to “food package” in English, and it typically consists of a combination of brødskiver (open-faced sandwiches), with

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Discover the Best Hotels in Bergen: My Top Recommendations

Heading to the picturesque and idyllic town of Bergen, and looking for hotels? I get a lot of questions about places to stay in Bergen, so I thought I should share a few of my favorite spots. Since we all travel with different budgets and expectations, I’ll divide my recommendations into, budget, mid-range and top-end, so

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Seamless Travel: Bus Between Bergen, Haugesund, and Stavanger in Norway

Are you looking for a comfortable way to travel between Bergen and Stavanger, with a possible stopover in Haugesund or some other place along the way? Then I would recommend checking out the Bergen-Haugesund-Stavanger bus line operated by the NOR-WAY Bussekspress company.  NOR-WAY Bussekspress is one of the leading bus companies in Norway, and got

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Fjord hotel in Norway

Exploring Flåm Fjord Area: Hotels for Your Stay in Norway

Venture into Flåm’s natural wonders, and you’ll be rewarded with awe-inspiring sights that take your breath away. Whether you embark on a scenic train ride through the mountains or embark on a serene fjord cruise, you’ll find yourself immersed in nature’s majesty at every step. The village, today a major tourist hub, is renowned for

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Running into the sea on a beach in Norway

What to Wear in Norway: A Travelers Guide

Are you traveling to Norway and wondering what to wear during your stay? In Norway we got strong seasons, and quite shifting weather throughout the year. However, as a born and bred Norwegian I’ll give you some tips in this article for what you should put in your suitcase. If you need help planning your

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National day in Norway parade

Why Norway Celebrates the 17th of May

Take a bunch of Norwegian flags, traditional costumes (bunad), marching bands, the Royal Family, children parades and mix it with hot dogs, ice cream waffles, champagne breakfast, BBQ in a park and you’ll have the ingredients for how many Norwegians celebrate the 17th of May, Norway’s National Day. But what is this day really all

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Trains in norway

A Guide to Norway’s Must-Do Train Rides

Norway is a country with some of the most scenic train rides in the world, and it can be hard to choose just which one is the “best” for you. Here are four of the most popular and highly recommended long distance train rides & I give you some helpful hints for train travel in

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Norwegian Waffles: A Delicious and Timeless Treat

Norwegian waffles, known as “vafler” in Norwegian, is a beloved traditional food in Norway. They are typically thinner and crisper than Belgian or American-style waffles, and are mostly served as a sweet snack when having friends or family over (not for breakfast). Norwegian waffles are made using a vaffelrøre (batter) that includes flour, sugar, eggs,

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Planning your trip to Norway

Norway is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes, rich culture, and a range of outdoor activities to enjoy. However, planning a vacation to Norway can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the country’s geography, customs, and attractions. That’s why it’s smart to have someone plan your vacation in Norway. In this article I wanted

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Enjoy a 2 hour Fjord Cruise in Oslo

When in Oslo, do like the locals and go out on the Oslo fjord. I think one of my top recommendations for Oslo, no matter what time of the year, would be to go on a fjord cruise. Its a great feeling to get out on the water and to see the city from a

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Private Airport Transfer

Transfer from Oslo Airport to the City

Do you have a flight arriving to Oslo Airport Gardermoen? (OSL). You might wonder how to transfer from the airport to the city and back again. In Oslo this is pretty easy, but there are several options to choose between. Some of them are pricey but fast, while others cost less, but takes more time. In this

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In Norway Lutefisk is Christmas Food

Christmas brings many joys, and one of them is the classic Norwegian Lutefisk dish. In Norway we tend to eat this dish in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Either by making it ourselves and serving it to family and friends, or you can also get it in most restaurants which have Christmas food on

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Freia Chocolate bar

11 Sweets and Candies That Norwegians Love To Eat

  Norway is known for its stunning landscapes, Viking history, and delicious food. If you’re looking for a sweet treat while in Norway, you won’t be disappointed. With so many tasty options, it’s hard to narrow down the must-try Norwegian candy and sweets. As a local tour guide in Oslo, sharing the most popular Norwegian sweets

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