Who I am

Hei Hei! My name is Pål Bjarne Johansen, and I am the founder of Norway with Pål.

I was born in Norway many winters ago on a snowy day in December. For the last 8 years I have been tour guiding and doing book research for Rick Steves. Before that, I did tours in Spain for several years taking Scandinavians to experience what I consider my second home.

I am a passionate traveler and have traveled extensively in North America, South America, Europe and beyond. In addition to travel I do plenty of sailing in the waters of Scandinavia. I am also an authorized local guide in my hometown Oslo.

This company is my own project, and I share my passion for Norway & Scandinavia with all those who are interested in this part of the world. I also design and give tours that gives visitors unique and memorable experiences of Scandinavia.

I hope to travel with you!

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Shows with Rick Steves:

Festival of Europe: Scandinavia

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This page has affiliate links, and I might make a small sum per purchase. For you this does not affect the product price, but supports me and my work, and makes me able to continue sharing my passion for Norway with you. Thank you, tusen takk!